These "Space Jelly" Press On Nails are a BBS x Yanki Wearable Art exclusive. 

These PressOns are hand painted by nail artist Yanki. The 3D hard gel designs are perfect for those looking for a nail upgrade, but unable to get to the salon right now. Whether heading out to dinner or needing an extra little something on Zoom, these nails whether just for the day or the week elevate any look.

In order to ensure that every PressOn Nail fits perfectly, you will be emailed a sizing kit. Please send back your sizes and nail shape preference your custom Press Ons will be sent out to you.

Nail shape options are almond, coffin, stiletto, and square. 

Every Yanki Nail set comes with an emory board, wooden stick, nail glue, and nail stickers (a less permanent application option), in order to ensure all the PressOns fit perfect.

Made with love in Los Angeles, CA