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High. I’m Frankie - Daughter of the Moon - Inanna also known as Isis - Initiated - Warrior Goddess - Witch - Alchemist - Mystic - Generational curse breaker - Change agent - a true reflector - real - raw - muse - authentic self expression - out of this world - outlier - pocket full of lucid dreams - spell caster - potion maker - world weaver - seer - seeker - nature lover - animal protector - bridge between worlds - divinely guided - winged being - courageous enough to be myself even if it doesn’t fit the mold - weirdo - atypical - they say I’m different - no title and all titles in one - Healing myself and sharing the overflow. 


I went through a lot of trauma as a child. I made it out of my unfortunate circumstances, but not without scars. I tried many things to heal my overworked nervous system and behavioral issues: anxiety, ptsd, fright or flight etc. Through my trials I found medicinal herbs and mindfulness to be the most helpful. The answers are within, yes. But sometimes we just need a little help getting over the hump. And that’s when we can turn to mama earth. The plants are our oldest allies. They have so much healing and wisdom stored within them. At BeWitchy I make medicine to share this ancient healing and wisdom within the plants. 


Each product is handmade in Los Angeles with good intentions, purity, and so much love. I make things that I need to heal myself. Every herb i work with, every skin cream I create, all divinely guided into my life. And here, I’m just sharing the overflow. Which is like..the definition of abundance. There is power and manifesting magic in that fact alone. Offering something that stems from a place of abundance carries an abundant frequency. And abundance begets abundance.