Issue No. 2 : BBS X USPS

Issue No. 2 : BBS X USPS

By Aires Miranda-Antonio

Issue No. 2 : BBS X USPS

As a small black owned, women led business that launched at the start of Covid-19, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been integral to every part of connecting us with our community all over the US, and has ensured the success of BBS's day to day operations.

USPS and Bephies Beauty Supply are coincidentally similar, we both employ and empower people of color. However the Postal Service does it on a level that we can only hope to as one of the largest employers of people of color in the US (40% of their 7.3 Million USPS workers), particularly women. With the mail service underfunded, inundated with demands and actively manipulated, it has affected BBS in our own way causing delays in getting our product to you, our customers and community. 

Understanding we have the power to change the systems that harm us, it will not be with our complaints or dreams of dismantling them, but with a shift in our approaches as consumers. By ensuring that we are continuously assessing what is most valuable we protect our own value. 

At this moment, we ask you, our community, to consider taking a step back and waiting a little longer for some of our authentic, ethically and holistically made products. And we thank you in advance for seeing the value in spending more on things that directly benefit us as a whole.

By using our buying power and our voting power we can help the USPS and small businesses like ourselves take power back! 



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