Issue No. 3 : ELECTION 2020

Issue No. 3 : ELECTION 2020

By Aires Miranda-Antonio

Issue No. 3 : ELECTION 2020

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair" - Shirley Chisholm

As we begin this particular election day, we first want to remind you to take time to take care of yourself, be it a walk, unplugging, your favorite meal, or even a call to a loved one. 

Across the country millions of people are working to ensure that our voices are heard as well as ensuring that in the next election we do not have to choose between the lesser of two evils. We must take the risk to dream of what a future without corruption, and oppression can look like. At times, that dream may be overwhelming, but it is not a coincidence that it is hard to visualize, this is intentional. The less time we have to find answers that would appease us, the more this unjust system wins. 

Every time we are reminded of an injustice we must assess what our relationship to the instance is! Do we share a representative? Do I purchase items from your employer? In order for us to fully support each other we must believe in each other's value. 

Americans have been fighting for freedom for generations now, and that should be fuel to end it here. Why should we place this fight on the shoulders of our kin, rather than end the fight here and now? Having an action plan and actively moving forward in order to push our voices beyond the ballot. 

• What does it mean to vote AND call for the end of voter suppression?

• What does it cause to vote AND abolish the electoral college?

• What does it look like to vote AND hold elected officials accountable?

It is crucial we support each other through this moment. With that being said, we’d like to introduce our newest collaborator and co-conspirator Briana Danyele, a talented designer and activist. Fueled forward by other’s passion and the goal to leave a positive impact on not just the world of fashion, but the larger one we all live in. 

We wanted to release our statement on voting with our special-edition 2020 VOTE Tee. With less than 50 of these shirts handmade in Los Angeles, we call to vote, both nationally and locally, we must push each other to create new economies and systems. With our abstract vote tee we find allusions and small details calling to David Hammons’ African American flag as well as a gaze forward and upward to allude to a bright and resilient future.


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